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A Little about this Blog

What’s on my mind is a very broad question. Several things are on my mind all the time. Similarly, several little thoughts were rushing around my noggin when I decided to start this blog. I thought ‘I can put my short stories up here’ or ‘I can put up some opinions on TV.’ So I thought to myself ‘Self, why limit yourself to writing about one specific thing when you have several areas in which to write about?’ I said ‘Self, you are a great thinker, now I’m gonna reward you with a milkshake’ and it was a great milkshake! But, more to the point, I started this blog so that I could talk about anything I want.

Some days I may have just watched a really good or bad movie and want to share my joy or warn people about the upcoming waste of two hours. Some days I may want to be funny and write comedy (at least, I hope other people see it as comedy as well) or participate in a weekly writing challenge. Some days I may want to get a little more serious and my talk about programming or science and some days, I may want to talk about and post pictures of my adorable cat. The point is: I will talk about anything that’s on my mind.

The only thing I truly want to accomplish, and this is what I promise to anyone who comes here: I will try my absolute best to make the content exciting, interesting, and worth the time you put in to come here. That being said, I want to thank everyone who’s coming here and read this!

P.S. I wish to also use this blog as a showcase for some of the programs that I’ve written! You’ll be able to download them on this website or I will have a link to Github containing my source code in hopes that I will be able to start participating in the open source community!