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Managing the Plethora of Passwords

Remember back in the day when you only had only a couple passwords? You had the password for your email and the password for your MySpace. Other than that, most other websites wouldn’t even require you to have a password so remembering only a handful of passwords wasn’t a big deal. Just keep a couple of sticky notes on your monitor and you were good to go.

Nowadays, you have passwords for everything: your Facebook, Twitter, banking, any number of sites featuring articles you’d like to comment on, etc. On top of that, everyone hears that your passwords should be unique and you shouldn’t have any passwords playing “double duty,” that is, you shouldn’t have a total of three passwords you cycle through. On top of all of this, you hear rules like your password shouldn’t be any recognizable word, your password should contain symbols, your password should be a mix of upper case and lower case characters. And we only have a limited amount of space on our monitors to put sticky notes before it obstructs our vision so what are we to do?

Fortunately for us humans, we have this idea of a password manager. A  password manager is a digital kit that can store all of your passwords, help us auto-generate passwords with all of those crazy numbers and symbols, and even have features to automatically fill in form fields when we log in to websites so we don’t even have to type anything.

Friends and family alike know that I’m a huge advocate of using password managers for security. In this day and age in which we live, we hear of people stealing passwords all the time and it leading to credit card theft or even identity theft! Though there are so many other reasons people end up with stolen credentials, using a password manager is the first line of defense that anyone has against a hacker and, often the easiest to implement.

My personal favorite password manager is LastPass. LastPass is a browser plug-in (available for every major browser) and mobile app that will store all of your passwords (at least all the ones that you tell LastPass to remember) and will store them using cloud-based technology. All you need to do to be able to access these passwords is to create one master password (make it strong) to log in with from anywhere with an internet connection. Once logged in, you’ll be able to save, generate, and have LastPass auto-login to your favorite websites with no hassles of “Dang it, I forgot my password.” The best part of LastPass is that it’s free on your computer! The one caveat to the whole process is that to use LastPass on a mobile device will cost $12 a year which works out to a dollar a month which is nothing when you consider the benefit of being able to access important content such as Facebook on your phone.


Solar Roadways: Drive into the Future!

     Solar roadways are a technology I heard about earlier this month from I Fucking Love Science and thought it was a really cool idea, but just another fleeting idea that I had heard about. Later on in the month, I saw one of my friends make a post about it on Facebook and I thought I would give it another look because I figured if the word was spreading, maybe this is bigger than I originally thought it was. It turns out that a new advertising video was created entitled Solar Freakin’ Roadways made to target and alert the younger audience (20-40). On top of this, the inventors of solar roadways have received a grant from the Federal Highway Administration to build prototypes of these solar panels. Now all they need is some seed money for a startup to start independently manufacturing panels.

     The benefits of this technology are endless and it will create a domino effect that will keep creating more and more benefits, so I will only list a few of my favorites:

  1. Electricity
    • These are solar panels after all, so they will generate electricity; it’s estimated that if all of the roadways in the United States were replaced with these solar panels, we would generate three times the amount of electricity that we use! Two things come to mind: that’s 300% of our energy budget (and that’s a lot) and this is nothing you wouldn’t hear if you watched the video, so why am I saying this. I’m saying this because there is a lot of talk of the impracticalities (cars damaging the road, creating potholes and skidding out, etc.). Even if this technology won’t work for the roads, it could still work for sidewalks, driveways, etc. If we replace 10% of the country’s asphalt with solar roadways, we can generate 30% of our budget, which is still a third of annual energy that we gain for next to nothing.
  2. Programmable Roads
    • Since these panels have several little LED lights on them, rather than painting lines to separate lanes and parking spots, we can just program these little LEDs! Anyone who just thinks about their morning commute will immediately think of how blurred the lines are between lanes, the markings for left-hand only, and painted words telling one to slow down. With programmable LEDs, not only would be able to see these better but we wouldn’t have to waste the taxpayer’s dollars on repainting the roads.
  3. No Snow!
    • If you live in the north, you can definitely relate to this advantage; heck, nowadays almost anyone can relate to this. As a kid, snow on the roads is great because it potentially means no school, but as an adult, snow on your way to work is probably one of the most tedious and potentially dangerous situations. The LEDs that were mentioned earlier can generate a lot of heat on the roads melting the snow and ice. This means that not only will our commutes be easier and less hazardous, but the salt the melts the ice and corrodes your car will no longer need to be spread. Thank Goodness! This greatly reduces your trips to the car wash.
  4. Water
    • I’ve also been doing a lot of reading lately on our current water supply and we’ll always have the amount of water that we need. The problem arises when you talk about salt water and fresh water. We have, and will always have, an abundance of salt water, but the process by which we convert salt water to fresh water requires a very large amount of power. With the excess of electricity generated by these solar roadways, we will always have enough power to convert salt water to fresh water! Since this a separate field, there is also technology being developed in this area that will utilize much less power; for now however, these solar roadways can assist with this issue.

     I’ve heard of several projects recently that can provide clean energy, but Solar Roadways is the first of these that I believe in enough that I wanted to be a part of. I don’t aim to create this post to advocate others to donate to this startup; the seed money has already been overfunded. Instead, I urge the reader to head over to Google or Indiegogo and do some reading to teach yourself about this project because I strongly believe that is going to become bigger in the coming years!



Another Reason to Comment Your Programs

     Today was yet another day of spending too much time on a program, but this time the reason was almost stupid. I was just writing a simple program that converts a binary number to a decimal just to get my feet wet in C#. I was taking the input as a string and I decided to use a foreach loop to traverse through the string and fill a character array with each 0 or 1. The only nuance I needed with this loop is an index that will start at 0 and keep incrementing to the end of the string. Not even thinking, I initialized and incremented the index inside the loop and then went on my merry way writing the rest of the program. Of course, by initializing a variable inside an iterative loop, it will only get reinitialized on each run. When it was time to run and test the program, I spent the next half hour looking through my code, outputting intermediate steps to the console, and scratching my heading with the strange logical errors coming up. I finally found the problem child when I was changing some other code, fixed it, and found the rest of the program worked perfectly so I went and ate lunch. I realized something; I could’ve avoided all that heartache by commenting my code as I wrote it!

     Up until now, Commenting is only something I would do if a professor or classmate was looking my code or if it was a program I had spent months working on, other than that commenting was a waste of precious time. But commenting is also a way to organize your code more; it’s writing down an exact plan of what you need to do for a function/loop/snippit. Commenting makes you take a step back and actually think about the purpose of what you’re about to write. It’s easy for me to say that if I had to write the program again, I would never initialize a variable inside an iterative loop only for it to be reinitialized because Hindsight is 20/20 but maybe taking that extra couple seconds thinking about the loop would have saved me that half hour later.

Using RAMDISK as an Ultrafast Hard Drive

     Today has marked a special day for Billy’s laptop, the day it got a RAM upgrade. It has gone from 4 gigabyte to 8 gigabytes and the change is… hardly noticeable in daily use. Of course, the reason I did this is because I’m often doing a lot of multitasking on my computer and having development environments as well as YouTube and Spotify while I’m looking at pictures of cats in teacups can be taxing on the system. Still, 8 gigabytes of RAM is a little excessive, so what I decided to do with some of that extra RAM is create a free RAMDisk.

     Dataram’s RAMDisk is a program with both free and paid versions that lets you use some of your RAM as a new hard drive partition. The free version will allow you to convert up to 4 gigabytes of RAM into a 4 gigabyte hard rive while the paid version will allow you to use any size. The advantage to this is that RAM is ultra-fast volatile memory acting as a hard drive meaning that it will have speeds comparable to, if not better than, a solid state drive! Speaking of solid state drives (SSDs), of which I do not have one, RAMDisk can help to increase the longevity of a SSD. Because SSDs only have a limited amount of read-write operations compared to a regular platter drive, you can use RAMDisk to take some of the frequent read-writes, such as browser cache and temporary files, thus extending the life of your SSD.

     The downside to using RAMDisk is, it is stored on volatile memory meaning it will lose all of its information when you turn off the computer. Fortunately, RAMDisk does have a feature, not activated by default, which will save a disk image of that drive on shutdown and then restore that disk image on startup so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of RAMDISK without losing your data completely. I personally chose to use RAMDisk to store my browser cache as well as my temporary windows files.

     With a free version available with 4 gigabytes, you might think that the paid version is not needed at all, but that’s where you would be wrong. If you think of the memory capacities on most modern computers as well as how cheap addition RAM sticks are, the paid version quickly becomes feasible. If you got a computer that supported up to 32 gigabytes of RAM and used 24 gigabytes as a RAMDisk to store some favorite video games, those loading times would be as fast as lightning.

What In The World Did I Agree To?

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Ugh, what did I do last night? My head was pounding and my mouth was so dry. It must have been a crazy night if I can’t remember it. I looked over at the calendar and it said January 1 so I gathered that last night was New Year’s Eve.

Just then, my phone started buzzing. My only thought was to end that agonizing sound of a vibrating phone against a hardwood floor. “Whoever this is, you better say this fast and quiet.”

“James! I figured you’d have a little bit of a hangover, you were definitely slurring your speech on the phone last night.”

It was Mike Blugass! I haven’t talked to him since college. He got arrested for assaulting an officer his senior year and we lost tough when he left school. Why is he calling me? More importantly, why did I call him? “Mike! What’s up dude?”

“Dude, you know what’s up. Legit, I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. It’s a little strange I know, but I do this all time and it gets easy after the first time, it’ll actually seem a little funny.”

Uh oh, what did I agree to last night. I would ask but I don’t want to insult him and say that the only reason I called him was because I was drunk. I think I can probably figure it out though, I just need to keep him talking. “Yeah, I know, well I figured there’s a first time for everything.”

“Well, yeah, but I’m surprised ol’ goodie two shoes James Hawthorne would ever want to do something like this.”

It was true that I was always a good egg in college but I had changed a lot since then. Still, whatever I agreed to contradicts that well-behaved version of me. Oh gosh, is it illegal!? “Well, times change. Just to make sure, this is legal right?”

All I heard was laughter. “Did you really this kind of thing would be legal when you suggested this? Geez, how much booze did you have?”

I take it that it’s not legal. I better try to laugh this off. “Yeah, I was just messing with you. I meant what are the odds of us getting caught?”

“Well, in my experience, it depends on how well connected this guy is. From what you told me, it sounds like we should be out of there without any witnesses.”

Oh crap! We’re gonna murder someone. Okay, let me think, it’s gotta be someone I know who lives alone. Damn! I’ve gotta go out to pay the landlord too. What a heartless jerk! It’s the first of the month but it’s New Year’s… That’s it! My landlord lives alone! “Mike, I know we talked about killing my landlord, but I’ve been thinking lately and really think that’s a bad idea.”

“Kill your landlord?” I hear him laughing again, almost insultingly. “You’ve got it all wrong”

Phew, that was close!

“We’re only going to kidnap him.”

I Regret Sleeping on That Couch

This was also on Writer’s Digest

I awoke several hours after dawn to the sound of banjos playing louder and louder, approaching closer and closer. For a minute, my first thought was ‘paddle faster, I hear banjos,’ but then I realized this was only my band playing on the radio. Yet, I couldn’t shake the ominous feeling that something bad was about to happen down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
“Did you enjoy your stay on our couch?” asked 37-year old Forest deWhit. He was dressed in blue denim overalls with no shirt underneath, he was chewing a piece of straw in his mouth, and he had on a worn straw hat.
“Yes.” I replied as I suddenly remembered that my manager forgot to make sleeping arrangements for my show down in Baton Rouge. Fortunately, Forest was a good man and let me stay over after my show. “Listen, I hate to flaunt my fame but could you get me a cup of coffee?”
Good-natured Forest had no problem getting a cup of coffee for a young semi-celebrity. Forest, however, replied, “My wife actually already made us breakfast if you want to join us.”
Again, something told me that I shouldn’t accept the offer, but my stomach putting up an amazing argument telling me to eat something. I graciously accepted the offer and breakfast and made my way to the table. The smell of freshly cooked bacon began to instantly wake me up as I approached the table. Amber deWhit was an amazing cook and had put out a fabulous spread of bacon, eggs, hash browns, French toast, and apple cider. “You better eat up, today is a big day for a man such as yourself.” Amber had a nice, soothing voice. My travel day was a big day for me, I had to make it to Birmingham by nightfall.
Just then, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. That’s right, I had remembered the deWhits talking about their kid as I was falling asleep.
Amber’s mellow voice once again spoke up, “Come downstairs dear, we’re just sitting down to a lovely meal now.” I figured that there was a good chance the kid was a girl because dear was often not a word to address a boy, especially not in the south. The deWhits probably told me last night but I was so tired that I passed out quickly.
“Forgive our daughter for being late to breakfast, she’s just over the moon that you’re here right now.” Amber felt like she had to apologize but I was beginning to get a little uncomfortable that they seemed like they were walking on eggshells around me.
“Guys, I’m a minor celebrity, please don’t act any differently.”
“Don’t be silly, you’re much more than that to us.”
I had suddenly regretted not checking the basement for any dead bodies before falling asleep.
The daughter had finally come downstairs with a beautiful wedding dress!
“Every Louisiana boy knows that sleeping on a man’s couch is payment for marrying his daughter.”

Cloud Computing

I’m really not as much of a gamer as I used to be but I occasionally follow gaming news just to see what is happening in the gaming world and there is one piece of news that is worth mentioning: Cloud Gaming. Cloud Gaming is one of the most exciting things to happen to video games, probably in my entire lifetime and has the potential to completely revolutionize the gaming industry.
Using cloud services, in general, is not new to anyone and neither is using the cloud for gaming services; services like steam have been around for years now. So, what’s new now? Well, the way that steam has been working is that you guy the game digitally and it is tied to your account so that wherever you go, you have access to your game, provided you have your steam account information. That’s nice because it completely eliminates carrying a physical disk and risk of damaging that disk, but you need still need to install the game on each new machine you want to play. Not to mention the fact that you will not have access to your saved data. Gamers have long since accepted this as it makes sense that you would need to install it locally. Enter Gaikai, a company featuring advanced cloud computing technology. Now, gamers can not only store their game’s information online but their entire Game!
The cloud will now install the game and be able to render all of the graphics, actors, and special effects for you so all you will need is a descent internet connection. That is Huge! No longer will you need to go out and buy a better graphics card or processor to be able to play a next-gen game. All you will need is a 5mbs internet connection (around the national average) and something to be able to display the images rendered by the cloud. That’s right, that means that you don’t even need to use a computer or console to play games like Assassin’s Creed, you can use your TV, Tablet, or even a smart phone, provided you have the right internet connection!
If you’re reading this, you are most likely to be an enthusiast about gaming and are aware that Sony has announced this technology at CES 2014 and are expecting to roll out this service, called Playstation Now, later this summer. Microsoft is also working on a similar technology and you can bet Nintendo is also working on something. This is also a technology that has been in the works for the past few years with OnLive but has not been as publicized as much because of one important hindrance: latency. Sending commands to a server far away and having it send the render graphics to you is nice but that transaction has to seem instantaneous. Any delay will cause the entire service to be a moot point. Sony has made this transaction as smooth as possible and has reduced the latency significantly, down to a couple milliseconds!

What Do you Think?
Is Cloud Gaming the future of gaming? Let me know in the poll below

…And Start Programming

I’d like to say I’ve been programming for the past four or five years but to say that would be a bit of a stretch. I’ve really been dabbling in programming for that time.
The First time I got started in programming was actually not until after high school. I ended up taking a year off between high school and college to figure out the best course of action for myself. During that time, I started looking at an A+ certification (hardware specialist) because I was sick of always asking my brothers whenever my computer had problems and I thought knowing more about hardware would me to be able to give me some insight into the possible problems. From there, I actually became interested in the networking section of the book and wanted to learn how to make my own website. This is where I first started teaching myself basic HTML and CSS! Knowing HTML is a very small step in programming, but, nevertheless, I had caught the programming bug!
I actually started college as an accounting major the next school year but still kept my foot in the programming door. I took both an introductory C++ course and a course in web development that semester. Halfway through that semester, I realized that I was interested in programming that I was in accounting. Programming, to me, was not only more interesting, but I also found it to be more challenging than accounting (I was taking and acing an introductory course at the time). I ended up going to the registrar and changing my major to computer science. I switched to computer science rather than computer programming because I wanted to knowledge of the system as well as deeper knowledge into programming.
Spring of 2012 was my first semester of computer science and my class was called Analytic Thinking with Programming where, more than just learning a programming language, we learned to construct algorithms to solve basic problems. We used Python, a very high level, easy to learn language to model these algorithms. Along the way to solving these problems, we learned how to use functions, arrays, and other skills that exist in every language. The following summer, I taught myself PHP and Javascript and made learn how to use AJAX and databases to make a dynamic website. The next semester, I transferred my skills to Java and began learning sorting algorithms, data structures, recursion, polymorphism, etc. More than merely learning these skills, we had projects and built applications. Because of its wide support and broad scope, I’ve been using Java ever since! Little did I know, the joy of programming was still to come!
Spring of 2013 ended up as my last semester at Junior College and what a semester to end on! I was taking a course in Assembly and Architecture, this was the first course where I felt like I was learning a lot about how computers were really benefiting society. For those of you that don’t know, Assembly is a very low-level language where you give basic instructions to machine. Assembly is extremely difficult but, fortunately, only needs to be written very rarely; most of the time, we would write most of our code in C. To aid us in this learning, we would be given microcontrollers and would write instructions in C out to the microcontroller board, which had an attached LCD output screen. We would write only basic instructions but learned a lot in how machines work and interpret data.
I still have another year and a half on my computer science degree and will be taking a course in networking as wells as more courses in data structures and database. Overall, I’d say my favorite programming language is PHP.

The Bitts

This is part of this week’s writing challenge

Mr. Prad Bitt, the owner of Bitt Industrious, was on his way to pick his son up from school when he looked at himself in the mirror and noticed that he was looking a little pudgy.

“Honey, do you think I’m starting to look a little fat” asked Prad as he was ogling himself. Prad had never been fat in any sense of the word, but he would frequently get worried whenever he saw any signs of wear and tear.

“I don’t know dear, I think you’re fine. You know what they say ‘Two donuts a day keeps the doctor away’” Replied Prad’s wife, Jangelina. Jangelina had never been the smartest bulb on the tree, she mainly got through life on her good looks.

“Well that’s what Dr. Doctr says and he’s almost never wrong… except for that time he told Jared that he was fine and that he should stay away from Subway.”

Prad’s friend, Jimmy Doctr, had always been a good friend of the Bitt family ever since elementary school when Jimmy helped get a crayon out of Prad’s nose.

“I think I may go to the gym after I pick up Prady from school today.” Prad was again looking at himself in the mirror and decided he did not like what he saw looking back.

“Okay, just remember to hang out with your friend today. You’ve blown him off six times and I don’t think that he’s believing that you’ve eaten bad clams anymore.” Jangelina was tired of using excuses on Prad’s friend, especially since it was a well known fact that Prad Bitt did not eat seafood.

“Ugh, okay fine. But if he starts tell another bodybuilding story, I’m going to leave him at the gym.” Prad was clearly annoyed by his friend.

As Prad Bitt picked up his preppy, overachieving son from Riverside High School, he found, much to his surprise, his son in a football uniform. This was a surprise because Prady had never wanted to play football and didn’t exactly have the build for it. Prady Bitt was a 16-year old, 5 foot 6, 120lb, Asthmatic boy who rarely wore anything but sweater vests and khakis. Prad was still trying to imagine his son playing football when Prady came over and greeted his father with a hardy handshake.

“Little surprised that I’m on the football team, aren’t you Dad?” Prady asked his dazed and confused father.

“I’m surprised they didn’t ask you sooner dude. I’m going to drop you off at home and then I’m going to head back out, so I should be home for dinner but not before that.” Prad was ushering his son into their Chevy Impala. “I’m going to the gym”

Prady couldn’t help but laugh. “No, really, where are you going?”

“Why are you laughing? I go there all the time.” Prad was bewildered by his son’s question.

“No reason, hey what are we having for dinner? Can I have Bruce over for dinner?” Prady had obviously changed the subject but his father had been caught off guard with the question about Bruce. Bruce Jemmings was a rich kid who wound up with, what Prad called, the “wrong” crowd.

“Bruce!? Why do you want to have that kid over?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to have him over?”

“Maybe because he went to jail for arson.” Prad had always kept that fact in the back of his mind for times like these.

“Alleged arson!” Prady had also kept that counter in the back of his mind for times like these.

“He was the only kid next to the building, he had a receipt for a gallon of gas in his back pocket, and his own father said that he did it.” It was clear that Prad got angry about this issue.

“Alright, fine Dad! He’s my friend but you’re my Dad so I respect your wishes. Let’s just drop the subject.”

Prad dropped his son off at their old Victorian house and saw a strange sight. Prad’s friend had just pulled up in his rundown RV, knocking over Prad’s mailbox in the process. Prad’s friend, Sylvester Stallone, emerged from the vehicle, he towered over everyone else at 6 foot 4, 6 foot 5 if you count the army boots with muscles galore.

“Prad! It’s been far too long my good friend! We should go inside and have some tea and crumpets.” The name was just a coincidence, Sylvester Stallone was actually a British man famous for his bodybuilding. “The queen’s been calling for you, she wants you to come back and visit the motherland!”

“I’m happy right here in America. What are you doing here so early?” Prad tried to seem sincere but was overplaying his part.

“Well, I called this morning’ and your love picked up, she said you ate some back clams so I thought I would come over here and feed you some crumpets. Dr. Doctr says they’re supposed to work miracles.”

“Well, the fact is I’m feeling a lot better, I think it may have been just one of those 24-hour things.” Prad easily could have stopped right there and made up another lie. “Actually, I needed an opinion from someone in your position. I was about to go to the gym because I think I’m getting fat. Do you think I’m getting a little fat?”


“Oh, that’s a big relief!”

“We’ll just tell everyone you’re the first pregnant man, that why you’ll get a million dollars.” Sylvester said this with a laugh that wasn’t shared with Prad. “Come on then, I’ll go to the gym with you. You drive, I already had a couple beers.”

“But you drove here… never mind” Prad got in the driver’s seat.

“But really why are you going to the gym?” asked Sylvester

“My son asked the same thing. Why is it so weird for me to go the gym when I go there regularly?” Prad found this odd but proceeded to start the car.

When they finally got to the gym, or at least, what was supposed to be there, Prad suddenly realized why everyone kept asking him why he was going to the gym.

To Be Continued

Spirited Away Review

The Bottom Line (at the top)

Spirited Away is an incredible film that stretches the imagination of anyone and represents the sheer mastery that Anime can attain!


Spirited Away is a movie like no other; it is a movie that makes one feel, think, and at times, even laugh. I first saw Spirited Away when I was about nine or ten years old and my father took me to the theater. I had no idea what it was about and I just wanted to stay home and play video games at the time so my father had to drag me away from my Playstation. A little over ten minutes into the movie, my attitude had completely changed and I became entranced by the amazing storytelling and awed by the world that had been created on screen! I saw the movie again years later and I’m overjoyed to report that the quality has not diminished in the slightest and that I actually appreciated the movie more!


The story begins with a family moving and changing schools for their ten year old daughter, Chihiro. As you can imagine, Chihiro is quite upset and unwilling to take on the adventure of making new friends. In order to make good time, the father decides to take a shortcut through the ominous woods, which is always a good decision. The family arrives at an old rundown clock tower and decide to take a look around, much to reluctant Chihiro’s dismay. They come out the other side and find an old, “seemingly” out of business amusement park. The Parents are drawn further into this park by the aroma of food. When night falls, the parents are turned into animals and trapped in the spirit world. Now it is up the Chihiro to navigate through the spirit world and find a way to reverse the spell, rescue her parents, and escape the spirit world!


The story is presented in a fun and whimsical manner that appeals to both child and adult. Chihiro is sent to work in a bath house where she meets a host of interesting characters. The overall story makes you think as you marvel at the wonder that this spirit world has to offer; if you aren’t thinking about the smart dialogue, symbolism, and character development, you’re missing out on some of what the movie has to offer.


The soundtrack is beautiful and fitting of such a lovely film. Most of the accompaniment played in this movie are very simplistic (only a few piano notes, but the right ones), but just enough to make the viewer appreciative of the scene. The score adds feelings of child-like wonder and whimsy when the family is first investigating the broken down amusement park.

Lasting Effect

Spirited Away works to instill a lasting effect into the viewer so that they leave the theater (or the couch) reminiscing on the film. As the viewer is sitting at dinner the next day, during a lull in the conversation, they find themselves thinking about the spirit world.

The Rating

IMDb gave this film a rating of 8.6/10, a very good rating. I think that’s a very fitting rating and I am ecstatic to see this high of a rating. Personally, I believe that the caliber of this film is better:

Presentation:               9.5

Picture:                        8.5

Soundtrack:                 9.0

Story:                          9.7

Lasting Appeal:           8.8

Overall                        9.1